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No matter what size mess you need cleaned up, whether it’s an apartment or office party gone wrong, we’ve got affrdable rates to get you sorted out!

Affordable & Flexible

No matter what size mess you need cleaned up, whether it’s an apartment or office party gone wrong, we’ve got affrdable rates to get you sorted out!

Are Organic Foods Healthier and Cleaner?

Anyone that’s been to their local grocery store in the past few months knows there has been a growing trend of organic food becoming more available and taking up more and more shelf space. The cost is definitely more, so the common question Ottawa residents have is whether or not the extra price is worth the nutritional value or is it just a marketing scheme? We’ve amassed some resources that can give you a more educated view on the issue overall, and hopefully make your grocery delivery in Ottawa more efficient.

When it comes to certain foods, organic foods, meaning those grown or cooked without genetically modified organisms, or any dangerous pesticides, some are worth it and others suffer from a bit of hype. For example, organic cookies might sound good but they still contain sugar, wheat and gluten, all which are not ideal for regular consumption. On the other hand, it is well known that organic spinach and leafy greens contain much more trace minerals than those that have been exposed to inorganic, dangerous fertilizers and chemicals. Over a lifetime, and especially for young children, eating organic vegetables can make a difference on the quality and quantity of essential minerals and vitamins they require.

Berries and any fruit or vegetable that is more porous than other foods should especially be consumed in their organic form. Strawberries and blackberries absorb tons of environmental pollutants so you end up getting quite a few toxic trace minerals in your bloodstream. Unfortunately, there have been very few studies done on the long term effects of these inorganic pesticides and chemicals so it can be hard to backup these claims with anything but the above. With that said, there are big benefits to higher levels of basic vitamins and minerals. So the next time you have your groceries delivered in Ottawa, consider going organic.

In terms of price, which is the most popular objection to shopping organically, we are already seeing prices drop as demand rises and people realize the long term health benefits of a pesticide and GMO free diet. For certain fruit like banana’s or apples, depending on the season the price difference may be as little as ten cents, and that is forecast to keep falling as demand rises from consumers in the grocery industry.

Cleaning Tips For Your New Carpets

Cleaning Flooded Carpets Quickly

Water if you get enough of it in any single place all at the same time can be highly destructive. Water can get in most places unless you move quickly to stop it building up anywhere. Water causes a great deal more damage than many people would give it credit for. The key to stopping damage is to ensure that the water supply is cut off immediately and all excess liquid removed.

So whether it is for carpet cleaning, window cleaning, or for other purposes limiting and then reversing water damage is critical. The tips here are hints as to avoid water damage affecting your homes or businesses and anything within them. Acting fast and acting wisely could save you a fortune in items that you will not have to replace.

Cut Off the Water Supply

* You do not have to be a cleaning or plumbing expert to work out that the vital first step is to cut off the water supply. Water gathers together very quickly so the sooner you switch it off the sooner you can start cleaning things up. Obviously the more water that has got into places you do not want water in the bigger the mopping up operations. So the sooner the liquid stops flowing in the better for you.

* This is not as always easy as it sounds if you do not know where the water is coming from. Locate the source of the water once you have done so you can stop the leak. Turn off the water supply at the stop tap and only turn it back on when the leak has been fixed.

Mop Up The excess Liquid

* Once you have cut off the water the next task is to remove the excess liquid from the affected area as quickly as you possibly can. Speed is always of the essence as water causes greater levels of damage the longer it is somewhere it should not be.

* Mop up the liquid with pieces of cloth, kitchen towel, or paper tissues. The more water you can soak up the better as it dries things out sooner. Whatever you use to mop things up should be strong be not too hard as you might not want to scratch surfaces such as windows.

Get It Dried Out

* When excess liquid has been mopped up there may be parts of what has been water soaked that still need to be dried out. Air or warmth are usually the best things for drying out residues of water that cloth or paper towels cannot reach. If somewhere is warm letting air flow through things will usually dry them out and prevent water damage. Should no natural air flow be available an electric fan could be used to dry things out. If needs be an industrial fan could be hired to get the job done.

* Heat will also dry out excess liquid and fan or industrial heaters could be used in the cases with the most water to be removed. If the flood was in a more confined area and it is safe to do so even a hair dryer could be used to dry out items.

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